Úlla Music Repertoire

This is a partial list of the songs that Ulla performs. Table is sortable by clicking on the column heading.

Song Songwriter Ulla Lead Vocal
And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda Eric Bogle Pat Byrne
Arthur McBride and the Sargeant Paul Brady Rich Brotherton
Ballad of St Anne's Reel (w/ tune St Anne's Reel) David Mallett Rich Brotherton (Maddy Brotherton)
Barrett's Privateers Stan Rogers Pat Byrne
Belfast Girl Andrea Magee Andrea Magee
Bright Blue Rose Jimmy MacCarthy Pat Byrne
Carrickfergus traditional Andrea Magee
Crazy Dreams Paul Brady Pat Byrne
Crooked Jack (w/ tune Maggie's Pancakes) Dominic Behan Rich Brotherton (Maddy Brotherton)
Cúnla traditional Rich Brotherton
Dan O'Keefe's #1 / Dan O'Keefe's #2 / Pádraig O’Keefe’s / Going To The Well For Water (slides) traditional Maddy & Rich Brotherton (tunes only)
Dimming of the Day Richard Thompson Andrea Magee
Dublin Blues Guy Clark Pat Byrne
Farewell To You Eric de Buitléir Pat Byrne
Follow Me Up to Carlo Patrick Joseph McCall Pat Byrne
Golden Eagle / Father Kelly (hornpipe/reel) traditional Maddy & Rich Brotherton (tunes only)
How Lucky John Prine Kris Wade
In Spite of Ourselves John Prine Pat Byrne & Kris Wade
Lord Franklin's Lament traditional Rich Brotherton
Mary and the Soldier (Highland Soldier) traditional Rich Brotherton
Mattie Johnny Mulhern Rich Brotherton
On Board the Kangaroo (The Good Ship Kangaroo) Harry Clifton Rich Brotherton
P Stands for Paddy traditional Stephan Carolan
Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores traditional Rich Brotherton
Peggy Gordon traditional Pat Byrne
Poor Paddy Works on the Railway traditional Pat Byrne
Ride On Jimmy MacCarthy Andrea Magee
Seven Drunken Nights Barney McKenna, Ciarán Bourke, John Sheahan, Luke Kelly, Ronnie Drew Rich Brotherton
She Moved Through the Fair (Our Wedding Day) traditional Andrea Magee
Song for Ireland Phil Colclough Andrea Magee
Sonny Ron Hynes Andrea Magee
Streets of London Ralph McTell Pat Byrne & Rich Brotherton
The Bank of Ireland / Lucy Campbell's (reels) traditional Maddy & Rich Brotherton (tunes only)
The Butterfly (slip jig) Tommy Potts Maddy & Rich Brotherton (tune only)
The Craic was 90 in The Isle of Man Barney Rush Pat Byrne
The Fields of Athenry Pete St. John Pat Byrne
The Green Fields of France (Willie McBride) Eric Bogle Pat Byrne
The Hills of Greenmore Owen McMahon Rich Brotherton
The Island Paul Brady Andrea Magee
The Jolly Beggar (The Gaberlunzieman) traditional Rich Brotherton
The Jolly Highwayman (Alan Tyne of Harrow) traditional Rich Brotherton
The Lakes of Pontchatrain traditional Pat Byrne
The Leavin' of Liverpool traditional Rich Brotherton
The Little Beggarman traditional Rich Brotherton
The Moving-On Song Ewan MacColl Pat Byrne
The Night Visiting Song (I Must Away Now) Luke Kelly Pat Byrne
The Ramblin' Rover Andy M. Stewart Rich Brotherton
The Streets of Derry (Derry Gaol) traditional Rich Brotherton
Time to Ring Some Changes Richard Thompson Rich Brotherton
Torn Screen Door David Francey Pat Byrne
Wild Mountainside John Richard Douglas Andrea Magee
Wild Rover (No Nay Never) traditional Andrea Magee